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In Sheffield, there are an estimated 2000 sufferers of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME); otherwise known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS. Sheffield M.E. Group is registered charity providing a point of contact, information and support for people with M.E. of all ages and their families and carers.

The Group also seeks to raise general awareness of ME/CFS and educate the general public through the promotion and dissemination of knowledge about the illness.

Sheffield M.E. Group runs a variety of services, such as an information service, regular and special meetings, a library and newsletter, a listening ear, and social meetings. View our charity's latest news.

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Let's do it for ME! is a patient-driven campaign to raise awareness and vital funds in support of Invest in M.E. for a UK Centre of Excellence for translational biomedical M.E. Research, clinical assessment, diagnosis and treatment for patients, training and information for healthcare staff, based at the Norwich Research Park. For more information visit 

Would you like to help to gather important data about M.E.? Why not visit the M.E. Association's website and complete their one-question survey? This can be found at the bottom right of their home page.

Important Dates for your Diary in 2015

Information/Awareness Days at Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre There will be an information/awareness stall at Crystal Peaks (opposite McDonalds) on Wednesdays 4th and 18th March and on Thursdays 9th and 23rd April 2015 from 9.30am to 4.30pm.

M.E. Awareness Week The group will be having an information stall in the Winter Gardens in the centre of Sheffield every day during M.E. Awareness Week which is from Monday 11th May until Friday 15th May 2015. The stall will be open from 10.00am to 4.00pm.

Annual General Meeting 2015 The 2015 AGM will take place at the The Circle Rockingham Lane Sheffield S1 4FW on Wednesday 24th June 2015. Further details to follow.

Latest News and Information

09/08/14 - August 8 is the birthday of Sophia Mirza, a British woman who died of M.E. at the age of 32. Sophia would have been 41 today. Read the very informative CFS Treatment Guide Blog about her story and lots of other M.E. related information.

14/07/14 - The Neurological Alliance is delighted to announce the launch of its inaugural neurological patient experience survey. Developed with the ambition of collating vital information about the experiences of care received by people affected by neurological conditions, the survey is the first of its kind for the neurological community. The findings will be crucial in helping them to understand what progress is being made in improving neurological services, and what still needs to happen. The survey is open to anyone with a neurological condition living in England and will close on Monday 15 September 2014.

08/07/14 - Fasting for Improved Immune Function - Interesting article about a way to repair a weakened immune system through occasional fasting. Read the article here. It does not specifically mention M.E. but i wonder if it could help some M.E. patients.

24/06/14 - M.E/CFS & HEALTH NEWS: There are some interesting articles in the Spring 2014 ‘Breakthrough’ magazine published by ME Research UK. It is rather lengthy, so you might like to browse through it at your leisure and pick out anything that interests you. Click here for the link.

11/06/14 - Here are two very interesting video interviews with Professor Julia Newton, Dean of Clinical Medicine at Newcastle University, who is conducting government funded research into M.E.  These interviews were recently posted on a Dutch M.E. website. The interviews are in English, so all you need do is click to watch the videos.

03/06/14 - Sheffield woman’s bedside battle to beat devastating disease - An article about a local woman's struggle with Lyme disease, which has some very similar symptoms to M.E/CFS. Read The Star article here.

22/05/14 - You might be interested in the following article on an exploratory study, which Professor Newton and colleagues at Newcastle University are undertaking, to raise the curtain on severely affected ME/CFS patients. Here is a link from ME Research UK who are funding the project.

02/05/14 - Beware of a big increase of ticks in the UK that could lead to more cases of Lyme Disease. To read why there will be more ticks around this summer and what to look out for read the mirror article.

12/04/14 - Review of Nutritional Supplements Used for ME/CFS and FM - ProHealth have written an informative review of some of the most common nutritional supplements for people with M.E/FM, with information on dosage, side effects etc. Read the article here.

01/04/14 - Fit-to-work tests: Atos contract to end - Ministers have confirmed that its government contract with Atos is to end early citing "significant quality failures", with a new company set to replace it in early 2015. To read more visit the BBC article.

20/03/14 - Invest in M.E. UK Rituximab Clinical Trial - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - Follow the link to view answers to the most frequently asked questions about the UK Rituximab Trial for M.E.

05/03/14 - Sheffield M.E. Group News - We have secured the display of a large advertisement (news board) at Clay Cross Town Football Ground. This follows on from an earlier advert in a recent match programme and, hopefully, later in the year a fundraising awareness stall at one of their home matches. To see the board (which also includes our new text donate service) and get the full story visit the page here.

25/02/14 - Local News - Public Transport Cuts - From Monday 31st March Senior and Disabled ENCTS pass holders will no longer be able to travel for free before 0930 or after 2300 on weekdays or travel for free at any time on train services within South Yorkshire and between South and West Yorkshire. For this and other changes to public transport costs please see South Yorkshire Public Transport Changes.

11/02/14 - Committee to inquire into Employment and Support Allowance and Work Capability Assessments - The Commons Select Committee will be looking into the delivery of assessments by Atos and the effectiveness of these assessments in deciding a persons fitness for work and many other issues. To view the article on the committees inquiry follow this link.

04/02/14 - DWP Bulletin – January 2014:Universal Credit on the Red Button - Millions of people who do not have internet access at home can now find information about Universal Credit (UC) by hitting the red button on their TV remote control. The new UC channels by DWP, in partnership with Looking Local, have been designed to give information about the new benefit to the seven million adults who do not have home internet access. For more on this and for some other thought provoking reading, follow the link.

27/01/14 - ACT NOW to protect your medical confidentiality - Sometime in early 2014 you may receive a leaflet via junk mail, entitled ‘Better information means better care‘ (2MB PDF file). It may not be clear from the leaflet that a significant change in what is done with your medical records is about to happen. For more information and/or to download an opt out letter to give to your GP click this link.

15/01/14 - Disability Sheffield Website is Live and back on line again with their new website. This new website is much more interactive and will give service users the chance to follow and connect with on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and find out more about how they can help disabled people living in Sheffield and what support is on offer. They will be adding more onto the site over the coming weeks so keep tuning in here.

20/12/13 - Big Antiviral Trial Could Usher in New Treatment Era for Fibromyalgia - In a surprising twist, it’s going to be fibromyalgia rather than chronic fatigue syndrome, that’s getting the big, placebo controlled, double-blinded multi-center antiviral trial - Read more here

10/12/13 - Research News - Gut Bacteria Might Guide The Workings Of Our Minds, This could bring a whole new meaning to the term "gut feelings", read the interesting article here. Also Immune Abnormalities in Patients Meeting New Diagnostic Criteria for M.E. Access the full text here.

23/11/13 - Have your say on the future of Library Services in Sheffield. At least 11 libraries and the mobile library service are set for permanent closure very soon under the council's proposals. Among other things this could lead to the further isolation of vulnerable/disabled people in our community. You can read the proposals in full and complete the council's online survey to let them know what you think by following this link.

19/11/13 - Got Limited Time/Energy But Fancy A Fresh Challenge? Why not become a volunteer and/or join the committee at Sheffield M.E. Group? It's a good way to help others and be a part of something. You can work at your own pace and choose tasks which interest you the most, go on short (half day, 1 day etc) training courses (courtesy of the M.E. Group) and learn new skills. To learn more contact our office.

26/10/13 - Benefit News - “MANDATORY RECONSIDERATION" From 28th October DWP will reconsider all decisions before an appeal can be made. There is no ESA paid during the reconsideration. Currently, claimants can continue to receive ESA while they appeal, but they will instead have to claim jobseeker’s allowance (JSA), or survive without any benefits. DWP’s have also confirmed that it is to entirely ignore the results of its hasty PIP consultation and stick with a harsh 20 metre limit for the enhanced rate of the PIP mobility. By the DWP’s own estimates over 400,000 claimants are likely to lose out as a result of the changes.

18/10/13 - A big thank you to all those who attended our Conference on the 16th October and gave a donation. We raised just over £200, which helped make the Conference a great success! Sue Pemberton (Therapy Director at the Yorkshire Fatigue Clinic) was our guest speaker and gave a facinating talk on the role of activity in relation to M.E. and debunked a few myths about Graded Exercise Therapy and Pacing. She focused on the dysregulation of the Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Adrenal (HPA) Axis in M.E. patients. A full report on the Conference and details of her talk will be available to our members in our next newsletter.

09/10/13 - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) patients are feeling increasingly isolated due to their family and friend's lack of understanding of their condition, a study has revealed. For more information read the article here. At Sheffield M.E. Group we are being proactive in trying to reduce the isolation felt by people with the condition by holding regular Drop-In Sessions etc and for those who are housebound, Skype Sessions. For more information check our Meetings and Events page or contact the office.

29/09/13 - The BMC Medicine Journal has posted a very interesting review article on the remarkable similarities between M.E. and Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Both are classified as diseases of the central nervous system by the World Health Organization. The article is a tough read but worth bringing to people's attention.

14/09/13 - Go On, Volunteer -- It Could Be Good for You! Volunteering may be good for your health, reveals a large systematic review and meta-analysis led by the University of Exeter Medical School. Some of the things reported were lower levels of depression, increased life satisfaction and enhanced well-being. Click the link above to read the report.

30/08/13 - A Dozen Different Diseases? Stephen Holgate Calls for Radical Change in ME/CFS Research. Click on the link to read about his determination for a new direction in M.E. research that could be more effective.

15/08/13 - New UK Rituximab Treatment Trial Webpage  - to keep interested parties up to date with the latest information to do with the trial. Also Invest in ME, the Let's do it for ME team have come up with an idea to help raise awareness and funds for this important biomedical research into understanding the disease and finding effective treatments for M.E. The aim of the Matrix project is to help to raise as much as possible of the estimated £350,000 required to fund this trial by inviting 100 pledges to raise or donate £1000 each.

29/07/13 - ATOS Loses WCA Monopoly - Atos healthcare is to lose its long-held monopoly stranglehold on work capability assessments (open access) from next summer.  The news comes as the DWP revealed that  41% of sampled Atos reports had achieved only a ‘c’ grade in a recent audit. Read more here.

26/07/13 - The 8th Invest in ME (IlME) Conference in London was the most successful yet. Mainstreaming ME Research was the theme and title of the conference - reflecting IIME's view that ME research is finally accepted as part of proper science and deserving of consideration for careers in research and for funding.  Conference reports indicate: There was a great sense of optimism about the future of ME research; New researchers are learning about ME and becoming interested in this area of medicine; The data is pointing clearly to immune system dysfunction and the detective work is well underway to help solve at least some of the mysteries in this very complex illness.  A conference report has been written by Dr Ros Vallings - click here.  Mark Berry's report here - click here.

10/07/13 - Identifying Subgroups - The following article has been out a while but it is definitely worth bringing to people's attention (especially researchers) the importance of different subgroups for M.E., especailly considering the varied nature of the condition.

19/06/13 - Great News from Invest in M.E. - Fundraising has started for a UK Rutuximab research trial! First there was the news that the Norweigan Government are funding more Rituximab trials, then Invest in M.E. announce they are to embark on a fundraising exercise to raise funds specifically for a UK Rituximab trial. Click here for more information and ways to donate.

15/06/13 - A reminder that any members who currently Skype and those who may wish to know more about how to Skype, should register their interest by emailing the office. This is a modern (and free!) way of keeping in touch with other members of the M.E. community without leaving your home. In future it may be possible to use this system to listen/watch conference speakers and workshops if you are not able to travel into Sheffield. For more information please read the Skype letter.

10/06/13 - Disability Rights UK offer an excellent range of factsheets, which you may find of help if you are trying to seek support/benefits. For example if you are wanting to know whether you would qualify for Personal Independent Payments (PIP), which in the near future will replace Disability Living Allowance (DLA). Follow this link for a full list of factsheets.

There is now a Sheffield based M.E. Support Group on Facebook. The Group is updated regulary with various M.E. related news, both local and from further afield. If you have a Facebook account why not join at you can ask any member to invite you into the Group.

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We are very pleased to have the renowned young people's author Berlie Doherty as one of our patron. Berlie's numerous awards include receiving the Carnegie Medal twice. She is published in many forms of writing including novels, story books, poems and plays. Visit her website at

Bishop Steven Croft We are glad to have Rt. Reverend Steven Croft as one of our patrons. Since being ordained in 1983, he has served in many places and became Bishop of Sheffield in 2009. He is the co-author of Emmaus: the Way of the Faith (1996-2003), a set of resources for Christian Nurture widely used in the UK and across the world.


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