Living with M.E.

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Having M.E./CFS can be extremely isolating due to lack of understanding by family, friends, employers and even social and medical services. This is not too surprising because often a person with M.E./CFS can look quite well (even though in pain and tired).

There is no cure and no simple treatment. However there is certainly hope of improvement. One study showed that 20% of people go on to make a complete recovery within 2 years. Most people with M.E./CFS show some degree of improvement over a period of time, though often over years rather than months. But health and functioning rarely return to the individual's previous level of health, and most of those who feel relatively recovered stabilise at a lower level of functioning than before the start of their illness.

A substantial number, possibly the majority, pursue a fluctuating course with periods of relative remission and relapse. A small but significant minority become severely and permanently disabled. However, progressive deterioration is unusual.

Good management makes a huge difference to quality of life for people with M.E./CFS.

Pacing: Balancing activity and rest is found by most sufferers to be helpful. You need to listen to your body, not fight it.

People with ME/CFS can be considerably helped by:

  • getting practical help
  • reprioritising
  • addressing chronic low-grade infection
  • treating gut symptoms, if needed
  • supplements
  • allergy treatments, where appropriate
  • dietary changes, where appropriate

There is lots of information about M.E./CFS treatment protocols on the internet and in books. Sheffield M.E. Group Information Service can help you find out more.

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